Civil Engineer Salary

One of the most profitable jobs nowadays is civil engineering. In most top-class colleges around the world, many students now are getting admission just to study civil engineering. The work of a civil engineer does not only require creativity, but also it can give you the assurance of high salary and high positions as well. The task of a civil engineer is quite tough because it involves plenty of field work, research and planning. When you are an experienced civil engineer, you can have the salary starting from around $75,000. The newly-hired can get a lesser salary compared to what an experienced civil can demand.

Just like any other jobs available today, experience, designation, field of specialization and the company, determines a petroleum engineer’s compensation. The starting salary of most petroleum engineers would be around $83,000 per year. The absolute maximum compensation depends on their skills and experiences on the job.

The highest average salary that was provided to engineers was $94,520, and this was offered by one of the top paying states in USA which is the District of Columbia. There are also other US states that offer a high salary to engineers like Louisiana which is offering $88,970, California that also offers $87,180, Nevada that offers $85,820 and Delaware that will also pay to engineers as high as $85,710.

If you possess the experience and the skill, you can always experience the rise of your salary. There is a steady pace in the rise of salary in civil engineering compared to other professions. For all those highly experienced civil engineers, they can even demand of a payment as high as $120,000 per annum. In a government-based, the salary of civil engineers is also good. You will get a salary of Rs. 8,000 or rs. 12,000 if you are an engineer working in the government of India. An increase from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 could happen with time and experience. Private companies offer to civil engineers a salary around Rs. 30,000 as well as an experienced command monthly salary of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000.

Those civil engineers who work as consultants for private as well as public companies do get a good salary in India and abroad. Civil engineers get a good salary when they are working in specialized areas like infrastructure, environment and other areas involving greater risks. The length and the sort of project that a civil engineer is working is also the basis of his/her salary.

Mostly, civil engineers also receive assistance from the government. For all those students who work in government projects, they are provided by the government of many countries the benefit like paying education loans. You have the least possibility of becoming jobless with civil engineering because it is the most secure job in the world. There is a great chance for the growth of position and salary in civil engineering.

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