Big Business And The Illuminati

Often times we label those who plaster their faces on the television as the elite and powerful in today’s business world. I look at these men and women and play along and assume that they are the demigods of the business world then who are the gods of the business universe? I mean, if the people on TV are the puppets with the sun shining down on them, who are the people that rotate this universe, control the earth’s spin, evolution, pace of man and the glare of the sun that reflects off of the faces of those in the spotlight?

About a year ago I attended a lecture in London that talked about Zeitgeist Economics and the tone of this lecture took a turn into concepts that truly told the story of the ruling class. When you look past the media promotion of people working to claim position and when you look behind the curtain that projects the mechanical concepts that are shaped and molded to enter the subconscious mind and deliver a call to action based on a trigger message, you’ll see an entirely different realm of people whose ambitions, actions and breeding centers around two things: the agenda of control and domination through absolute power.

This morning a friend sent me a blog entry by a university student that actually sat down and talked to one of these masterminds. I read this this interview and it was the proof to all that I’ve researched in the past at the so called “illuminated’ ones. This sit-down was with James Scott who plays the role of economic strategies orchestrator for the grand agenda. This interview actually got him to talk about power and influence in a way that is unprecedented (I will be posting several articles based on his positions) but the real money shot came with more research into the life and history of James Scott.

To understand the weight of what I’m about to say the reader must understand, the Illuminati is obsessed, I mean unbelievably obsessed with ‘proper breeding’ and once you understand this you’ll then understand the connection between James Scott (aka: ‘The Ghost’, ‘The Rogue’) and the continued association of programs that center around eugenics which is an applied science or the biosocial movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population. It’s not exactly a racist or bias ideology, I mean as long as you are a white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant from an ancient lineage that has kept its position of power for 800 years or more you are one of the club. Another concept that is an obsession of this group is secrecy and to retain the level of secrecy that they demand they must have ways to test the populace for subliminal injection of concepts and then inject these concepts in a way that will work 100% of the time so that visual, auditory and other sensory nerve stimulants can be tapped to initiate a response and this is where power and control take a turn into the dark side.

When you turn on the TV to see these silly automatons placed on a pedestal and rattling off ideas they claim as their own while the news anchor treats them like a demigod intellectual with the be all and end all message that will bring order to the current event in which they are speaking, what you need to do is pay close attention to their words and look for positive associations and a synergetic message that jives with your background, your beliefs and concepts that trigger an emotional response whether it is an idea that you agree with or are absolutely against. Tag, you’re it! This message has been sent to you by the God’s on high that knew you’d be watching, understood your psychological profile, what makes you tic and what puts you at ease and they’ve just planted a message in your mind that will define your opinion on events to come.

You’ve just been fed information from a puppet with a message from The New World Order regime and it says, “Shut your mouth, get in debt, keep your nose to the grindstone, stay distracted and continue to turn to mind midgets for your daily news feed. We control how you think, what you read, your emotional response, what makes you complete and what tears you apart. And this so-called, ‘freedom of choice’ that you hold so dear is simply a matter of setting up options to choose from, either of which will bring your action to the same conclusion; a conclusion of which will be the fate that we have predestined for you.”

The Illuminati has six disciplines of training within their structure: military, government, spiritual, scholarship, leadership and science and the most superior are placed in positions to guide agendas that encompass the six as a form of oversight and guidance. Looking at the history of James Scott and the global network beneath him it is safe to say that he is one of the oversight members with a focus on economics and government. He takes on the management of ‘crisis’ response for the organization but the contributing factors for his ability to do this are beneath the science of psychology, eugenic and subconscious management. This has obvious parallels in the field of economics and the ability to damn or revitalize economic conditions anywhere in the world with both corporate and legislative devices that bring the weight of the most influential names within the target region, seasoned with power associations from the US and Europe to bring the added severity to those unwilling to bend.

So, are we all pawns that are just a grain of sand that is taken on and off the shore of a beach at the whim of the ocean’s current? I wish I could say that the ‘Shadow Government’ was just another conspiracy and that the all-encompassing Illuminati was the figment of my imagination but the proof is far too obvious a fact. There are too many coincidences, too many dots that have been connected and too much attention to secrecy and cover-ups. The only way to fight this ‘Order’ is to spread the word and continue to research so that the pattern of communication and strategy of power can be dissolved.

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