Condors Love Volatility Drops

Because the Iron Condor is a negative Vega strategy, this may be the perfect time to use this income option spread. Now that the volatility has been going down and the markets have become a calmer place to be, this makes it much easier to manage this option strategy.

Most Condor traders have been making money over the last few months with little effort at all. It is so great, at times, with this type of income spread. There are times that we have very little to do. If the underlying simply trends and stays within a tight price range, then the Condor works and cash flows the market almost each day.

It is a great thing making money like. It is very low stress, and at times it is a consistent income. This is one of those times that the stock market gives us the opportunity to really enjoy our option strategies. Without the stress it is a great way to make a living.

One thing I like about the San Jose Options process to the Iron Condor is that they have a more conservative approach to them. While other courses teach an aggressive approach, they are also taking on much more risk than San Jose Options. They have to adjust much more often too, and this causes a problem in a market that is going up and down a lot. Aggressively trading condors will lead to more adjustments, more stress, more headaches and loosing overall.

For the past couple months, I have been easily making 10% on this technique, and believe me, I haven’t had to do very much at all. I just put the trade on and let my money work for me. The way I used to trade, I would have had to make several adjustments, but with my new trading methodology, the market never hits my adjustment points one single time. So needless to say, I’ve really been enjoying the stock market lately.

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