How Much Will You Really Get Back? Security Deposit

Walk Through Before You Move In The first step to recovering your security deposit happens before you even move in. You should do a walk-through inspection with your landlord to look for any problems, imperfections, or concerns. You and your landlord should use a checklist and note anything that is not in perfect condition. If it is noted now, your landlord cannot fault you for its less-than-perfect state when you are ready to move.

Do not be shy or deferential during the walk-through inspection. If you spot something that your landlord does not, point it out. If you do not feel that you can do that, you should ask a confident friend or relative to accompany you. Everything should be noted on the form and you and your landlord should sign and date it.

Your landlord should provide you with a copy; if not, be sure to ask for one. Photographs can be tremendously helpful, too. For example, if a strip of molding is scuffed and nicked, you should photograph it, with the date visible in the picture, so that you have proof that you are not responsible for the damage.

Taking the legwork out of your search enables you to adopt a more hands-free approach that will give you the ability to focus on pricing, profitability, and convenience.

They can take the headache out of processing. For a small fee, most of these pros make themselves available to handle application processing and property evaluation. This greatly benefits the renter because it helps him steer through confusing legal matters and focus on the already hectic work of transferring utilities and packing up.

It helps the property owner by giving her the peace of mind that the tenant staying in the property has a good credit rating and will uphold the property’s integrity.

Take Appropriate Steps before Your Move If you are thinking about moving, check the terms of your lease to see how much notice is required, the expected condition of the rental when you move out, and any other relevant information. Do not give your landlord cause to withhold your security deposit by leaving the place dirty or damaged. Did you hang pictures? Spackle the holes.

If you accidentally got paint on the wall, clean it off. If the space must be broom clean, go a step further and leave it sparkling. After all, your version of broom clean might be far different from your landlord’s and it is better to work harder and get more of your security deposit back.

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