Interior Designers – General Building Advice

The first place to start when building a home is by viewing some existing homes and looking at the way they are designed. What do you like? What don’t you like? Get a feel for what kind of design you need and in particular, what catches your imagination.

Spend any weekend looking at home opens in your local area and you’ll probably see what I mean. The last time i went house hunting for an established home was so depressing. What were people thinking?

A display village is like a new car dealership for homes, and has for viewing all the types of houses that can be built for varying land sizes, needs & budgets. This allows you to actually walk through what can be built rather than try to imagine a house from looking at drawings and architectural plans. So if you have vacant land already and want to do some research a display is a good start to have a real feel of what you are going to live in.

Homes should feel like they convey a ‘theme’ – be consistent in nature from entry to exit. When you walk into a well proportioned, well presented, well decorated home you feel a sense of beauty and as if everything belongs. It’s relaxing, not busy. Peaceful, not conflicting.

Every home must have an inspection before the sale is completed, but new homes have the added advantage of inspections not unearthing nasty, expensive problems. Builders will often pay for a home inspection as an added incentive to buy, another great help to your schedule and your budget.

There will be many stories of buildings gone wrong regarding display homes, but when there are thousands of homes built each year, there are always going to be a few disaster stories and this can be due to the client not being on top of things or sheer bad luck.

The best advantage of building is picking out your lot. Some lots have a higher price tag, but builders are sometimes willing to waive the extra cost just to get rid of the lot. Bargain with your builder, as it is most definitely a buyer’s market.

Good interior designers will; Be knowledgeable about new products on the market Know what many local shops carry which will save you time and money Listen to you to get your brief, then create a plan for you to use to put everything together Have a great eye for colour Have a great sense of proportion Understand families, lifestyles and how generations differ Be great with kitchen design (a workable kitchen is a must have!) Have great documentation abilities Help you stick to your budget during your selections meetings – This is really important!

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