My Daughter Bankrupted Me

I always wanted her to take responsibility and she always told me about everything. We were more than a father and a daughter. We were more than friends. We always shared our secrets, our problems. We laughed together and cried together.

She always was a free spirited girl. She had girl friends and boyfriends. She was very successful at the school. She started live in her own apartment a few years ago. She was very young but as I told you I always wanted her to take her own responsibility and to live in an apartment of her own was a big one.

A few months ago I received a phone call. It was from one of those debt relief services. When I asked them what this was about they told me that my daughter was on the edge of bankruptcy and they were trying to solve her economical problems. They asked me how much I could spare to turn things around for my daughter monthly. I gave them an estimate number and hang up the phone.

She was going steady with a boy whose father was very rich. They were having dinners in fancy restaurants and going to the best clubs in the city. She was planning to marry him. She told me that one day he went away and never returned. A few days later she realized that all of her credit cards were at their limits and all the spending were made from her credit cards.

So I took over some of her debts and we are trying to pay all that money trying to save every penny. After I started to help her, the specialist from the debt relief services told me that it will be easier to decrease the amount of interest rates. He told me it may even be possible to have reduction from the banks. We are hopeful because we have to be. If they can’t solve our problem I’ll really be bankrupt.

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