My First Years as an Adult

It only took me 2 years to start looking for debt relief services. Only 2 years of adulthood I mean. I’m 20 years old and I’m struggling in debt larger than my years on this earth. If you are reading this, you probably already know the story. I went to a different city for collage when I was 18 years old. Everything was fine and my future was looking bright. Until one day, shortly after I started my lessons, a man in suits approached me asking if I needed money.

Who doesn’t need money when they are in collage? You don’t have a regular income; all you do is waiting for checks from your parents and maybe you are working part time at a gas station or a restaurant. Of course I needed money. So I made my first mistake of asking the man what he meant.

Once he started to explain the advantages of credit cards I was really excited. They were giving me a spending limit of 10,000 dollars and a withdrawal limit of 5,000 dollars. All my dreams were coming true and I was going to be the happiest student in the collage apart from the rich kids. I signed the contracts and all the papers he gave me in an instant and the next day received my first credit card.

I could buy all those things I wanted to decorate my room now. So I went shopping and spent around 1,500 dollars the first day I received my first credit card. 1,500 dollars was the sum I received from my parents monthly and it was only enough for my living expenses.

Two years after my first credit card, I now have 5 of them and don’t know how to pay 80,000 dollars of debt. My parents still don’t know about the situation and I’m looking for really good debt relief services.

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