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A couple of years ago, the hearing help business standardized battery sizes. They use a color code to indicate the battery dimension. Orange is dimension 13, brown is dimension 312, yellow is size 10, and blue is size 675. Occasionally there are other letters after the dimension numbers, but those do not mean anything as far because the size goes. The color code makes it a lot easier for individuals to remember and get the correct size battery for their listening to help.

The most typical listening to aid batteries are known as Zinc Air batteries, and they’ve a tab on them that must be eliminated whenever you set up them. The battery works by mixing zinc with air. When the tab is removed, the battery becomes active and will stay active even if the tab is replaced. It cannot be “deactivated.”

For this reason, do not store batteries in hot locations as the adhesive could turn out to be “unstuck” and also the battery will activate. Also, maintain the tabs on until you place the battery into the hearing gadget. Unused batteries have a shelf existence of about 3 years. After that, they might not perform as well. Also, do not mix old, used batteries with new ones so that you don’t accidentally install an outdated battery.

Usually, battery life depends mainly around the kind of listening to device worn. Some aids require much more energy than others. For instance, digital listening to devices need much more battery power than analog aids simply because they have much more complicated circuitry.

Typically, a battery will last five to seven days. If your battery existence is shorter than that, it is feasible that the listening to gadget isn’t working correctly. In that case, it ought to be looked at. A professional can check battery contacts and check to see how much drain is being place on the battery. This test will indicate if repairs to the aid are necessary.

Most drug stores carry listening to help batteries, and they may also be purchased online.

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