Mobile Choices For Mesa Auto Glass

Driving in Mesa is a challenge to say the least. The roads are constantly under construction (remember the Big Dig?) and drivers will cut you off to get to the red light first. There are inner city burglaries and on the road hazards, both of which are common reasons to have your auto glass damaged. When you need it fixed, however, there are some great choices for Mesa auto glass repair services.

Not long ago you’d need to make an appointment with an auto glass shop, bring your car in, and wait. And it never failed – the day your window was smashed was the day you had an early morning meeting that you called.

Today, thanks to new technology and superior mobile communications, you not only can have your window repaired the same day in most cases, you can have it done in your own driveway or in your office parking lot. Mobile trucks and vans come equipped with everything from various cuts of glass to wireless computer systems that can help file your insurance paperwork right there.

But any Mesaian knows that weather plays a pivotal role in any kind of plans, and having a windshield repaired is no different. Between heavy fog, gusty winds, torrential downpours, or snow and ice, your mobile glass service might need to cancel or reschedule because these weather conditions will impair the work to be done on your car. However, many companies are now using a type of portable work shop that resembles a huge tent complete with a heater and a dryer to help set the adhesives used on your windshield.

Before deciding on a company, it’s always a good idea to call your insurance company first. They may have preferred dealers which they can suggest to you. If they do, you should certainly consider these options because there is a good reason the insurance company is suggesting them. Usually it’s because a specific shop might be easy to deal with, they might be close to you, or they might do a great job and charge the insurance company less than other shops.

Remember that your insurance carrier needs to pay for this, and they prefer to pay just once. There’s nothing wrong with them asking you to help them meet that requirement.

You still have the right to head to their regular shop, and this might even be more comfortable and convenient. Some larger shops even have auto rentals available in case your car needs additional time to dry, etc.

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