What is Behind The Recent Spate of Humorous Car Insurance Commercials?

There is a lot of competition in the car insurance industry. It is perhaps the biggest insurance branch after home insurance because we replace our cars so regularly. While it might be said all insurance companies are the same policy wise, the same can’t be said for their service and claims handling.

The car insurance industry is fighting a reputation for slow service when it comes to claims handling and the recent spate of funny car insurance commercials is intended to rectify this situation. In many of the commercials the insurance company literally comes to the rescue of hapless motorist in quirky accident situations.

Every motorist on the road has car insurance, even if it is only compulsory third party insurance required with car registration. Traditionally many motorists would also insure their cars comprehensively or take out third party property damage cover. This trend has been slipping for some time.

We’ve seen a lot of advertising lately that shows accident prone drivers in various stages of distress. Some are shown having just crashed a wedding reception – literally through the wall. Another is being soaked by the water from a fire hydrant they have dislodged. Yet another is crashing through an intersection.

The aim of these ads is to instill a renewed consumer confidence in the claims handling process of the big car insurance companies. They want us to know they are out there among us ready to help us speedily get back on the road. It’s a brand bolstering exercise and the copywriters behind these advertisements have done a great job in my opinion.

It’s important when comparing insurance companies to seek as much advice as possible from friends, family or strangers about their experiences with filing car insurance claims. The best referral is one you can trust. Never rely on television advertising.

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