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Electrical Engineers Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics had said that Electronic/Electrical is the third largest specialty in the engineering field with 214,000, behind Civil (278,000) and mechanical (238,000). The rise of this field is steady and the Bureau has estimated of 11% of a need from now until 2018. Individuals who have engineering degrees who enter in this field should see and follow the national average thanks to retirement, population growth and growth in areas like micro-electronics and green tech.

Civil Engineer Salary

One of the most profitable jobs nowadays is civil engineering. In most top-class colleges around the world, many students now are getting admission just to study civil engineering. The work of a civil engineer does not only require creativity, but also it can give you the assurance of high salary and high positions as well. The task of a civil engineer is quite tough because it involves plenty of field work, research and planning. When you are an experienced civil engineer, you can have the salary starting from around $75,000. The newly-hired can get a lesser salary compared to what an experienced civil can demand.

Knowing Engineers Salary

Through seeing the average salary of engineering nowadays, you will come to believe in the point that becoming an engineer is one of the best ways of putting once life in the right direction. With the most lucrative professions in the world today like doctors, surgeons and lawyers, engineers can get a salary in the level with theirs. With the engineering stream that the professionals belong, the rate of what he will earn can also be based on it.

Petroleum Engineer Salary

Cars, to cooking, plastics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beauty products etc, there are limitless number of products that use petroleum. The job of a petroleum engineer is to draw out oil and natural gas from the surface of the earth for human consumption. Thus, petroleum engineering is definitely an important field of engineering. Oil and natural gas, in the world as modern as today, determines the economy of a country or the world.