The High Probability Sales Design

Selling can be a tough business. If you are in sales, or you own your own business and are dependent on sales for your livelihood, then you know how vital sales can be. When sales are good, everybody is happy and things look rosy, but when sales dry up, the world feels like it’s going to collapse. By learning a simple method to consistently sell more products with less stress and anxiety, you’ll increase your income dramatically.

In this article I’ll be discussing a particular sales model based on the book, “High Probability Selling,” by Jacques Werth. This offers a fresh new look at the sales process, and can dramatically increase your sales without any stress or anxiety that many people associate with sales. If you’ve ever sold anything before, especially if you really needed the sale, you know how nerve wracking and frustrating it can be. One simple “No” can ruin everything. However, with this new sales model, this will soon change.

Using the old style of selling, you basically corner your client, and then use every trick in the book to get them to buy your product. High pressure, psychological tricks, bait and switch techniques, the list is endless. However, with High Probability Selling, you can easily circumvent all that nonsense and increase your sales with very little effort.

Imagine a deck of cards. You and a friend are in a competition. You will see who can find all the aces the fastest. You simply sort through the deck, and pull out all the aces. It takes you about a minute. Your friend, on the other hand, stares at each card, and tries to turn it into an ace. After he finally gets through the deck, you’ve both got four aces. But you are calm and relaxed, while your friend is about to have a coronary. This may sound silly, but that is exactly what salespeople do when they try to convince uninterested people to buy their products.

By sorting through all the possible clients, and identifying as quickly as you can who the high probability prospect are, you’ll save time and energy. How do you do this? Simple. Create about a ten second statement of your product, what it delivers, what the main benefits are, and then ask the prospect if they are interested. If they are, keep talking. Tell them a few more benefits, and ask if they are still interested. The moment they lose interest, quickly thank them and move on to the next prospect. Don’t waste any time.

This process is incredibly simple and incredibly powerful. You’ll save time, energy and make a lot more money. And your customers will respect your a lot more as well.

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