Alternative Recruiting Services is a recruiting tool that offers an opportunity and option to help fill your pipeline. Specializing in the Insurance and Financial Services industry, ARS is an inexpensive and cost effective way to generate qualified and interested candidates. Our service provides a pipeline full of qualified and interested candidates that have a desire to speak with you to learn more about your opportunity. All the leads have been prescreened and accepted a phone call from your firm.

Scheduled interviews

This assignment is designed for any position. We work off of your resume site. We call off the resumes for you and schedule sit down interviews. We prescreen the candidate. Inform them of your position, create interest, and invite them to come in and meet with you personally. You pick how many interviews you would like on a monthly basis!

Practice Acquisition.

If you are in the market to enhance your AUM, ARS is a great resource to help you find individuals or practices that are looking to sell. ARS can provide you with leads that are interested in selling either now or in the near future. We have helped several firms grow by acquiring assets.
If you are looking to either buy or sell your AUM or Practice, ARS can assist you in the process.

Seminar Support

Are you hosting a seminar in your area? We all know how expensive hosting a seminar can be. There is nothing worse than going through the process of hosting a seminar and not having enough people show up to it. ARS can become a resource and follow up with all the people you invited with a friendly phone call and drive attendance to your seminar. We will call them all and confirm they received the invite and give them selling points why they should attend. Then we will confirm their attendance. We will make one more final call to all the attending the day prior to the event and give them a friendly reminder. We have a great track record of helping drive attendance to these seminars. We truly understand why it is so important to get these people to show up. Most of the invites never land in their hands to begin with, so a friendly follow up call is always a good idea.

Product Promotion

Do you have a product you are eager to promote? ARS has been hired on lots of occasions to help many companies, including MF and Annuities companies to get the word out about their products or services they offer. It is a great way to open the door to new opportunities and potential sales leads. We can help you spread the word and promote the product or service.


ARS offers an elite team of experienced telemarketers. Looking for appointment setters for your agents? Follow ups on marketing pieces? Need to get back out and see your existing clients? Need us to help promote your business? You name it, we can do it.

On Demand Sourcing

Want to know who your largest competitors or neighboring company has working for them. Hire us to find out. On demand sourcing is your best solution to doing confidential detective work with only you to know about.

Merger or Acquisition

Are you a P&C Retail Insurance Agency in the growth mode? ARS will canvas your market place searching for agencies that are looking for an Exit Strategy. ARS can even help you create a friendly pitch to inform other Agencies you are ready to grow your business and are looking for a strategic partner. ARS can also refer you to an Elite and Top Notch Merger and Acquisition Consulting firm that can help assist and represent you through your M&A process.

Build Your Own

ARS has done almost every kind of phone assignment possible. If we have not mentioned something you need help with, it does not mean we cannot handle the challenge. All we need is a list and a pitch and we are good to go. You name it, we can handle it. Let Dana know how we can help you and we will build it together.

CPA Calling

Are you interested in partnering with a CPA? With so many Financial Advisors and CPA’s partnering and Aligning these days it only makes sense to jump on the band wagon. ARS can help open the door of communication between you and local CPA’s. We will reach out to the local CPA’s and gauge their level of interest in learning more about the benefits of partnering with a Financial Advisor. ARS will open the door of communication. We can either schedule a confirmed phone call or a face to face meeting.